Personalising Treatment for Pancreatic Cancer: Advancing Infrastructure.

Project lead

Professor Andrew Biankin, Regius Professor of Surgery/Director of Translational Research Centre, University of Glasgow.


Pancreatic cancer is currently the 4th and will soon become the 2nd leading cause of cancer death in Western societies. Current treatments work only in a small fraction of people; most live for only 6 months after their diagnosis and almost all will die within a year. The problem is that the cancer in one patient is different to the cancer in another, and a one size fits all approach isn’t working. The main aim of PRECISION-Panc is to use the latest technology to find the trial for the patient and match the best new treatment options for an individual based on the genetic subtype of their cancer. The focus for PMS-IC for PRECISIONPanc is to support the collection of a wealth of patient-specific data held within the NHS so it can be melded with the genomic data generated for that patient. This data can be used to track the patient journey and has been used to prototype decision support tool for use by the molecular Multi-Disciplinary Team. PMS-IC is co-ordinating delivery of the project together with being the core provider for patient data aggregation and informatics services via the SMS Innovation Platform.

The objective

To be greater than the sum of our parts by combining the research power of the Scottish organisations involved and offer a new way to link genomics to the prediction of clinical efficacy at a early stage in drug development.


PMS-IC, NHS Scotland: Greater Glasgow and Clyde, The University of Glasgow and Aridhia Informatics Ltd.

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