Chart-Adapt: Real-time Data in patients with traumatic brain injuries.

An Aridhia Informatics Ltd led Innovate UK funded project.

CHART-ADAPT is a pilot collaborative programme using the SMS Innovation Platform.

The project draws on Aridhia Informatics Ltd data modelling and analytics expertise to investigate real-time data in patients with traumatic brain injuries.

Using anonymised data provided by the Neuro Intensive Care Unit at the Institute of Neurological Sciences at QEUH, Glasgow, the collaboration aims to improve the down sampling of high frequency patient data which will inform clinical decision making leading to improved clinical practice. One of the outcomes is drastically reducing the time taken to process the original data from 16 hours to 48 minutes.

A new expanded project, named CHART-ADAPT (Innovate UK funding, 2014), will build on the pilot, using the improved algorithm and processing time to deliver a platform capable of implementing algorithms in clinical practice, together with an app which will be used at the patient bedside: the helping to inform on the best course of care for patients.

Consortium members: Aridhia Informatics Ltd, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, University of Glasgow, Philips Healthcare.

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