Precision medicine ecosystem for Scotland

More than a network: We foster, drive and support collaboration.

Our process

The Precision Medicine Ecosystem is a strategic initiative from the Precision Medicine Scotland - Innovation Centre that brings together healthcare, life sciences and academic organisations that want to align their activities through partnership to deliver precision medicine programmes more efficiently and effectively.


Offering unrivalled and direct access to a world-class network of precision medicine resources, expertise and richly phenotyped patient cohorts.


Delivering a ’one stop shop’ to simplify collaboration through a range of services that cut the complexity and risk of localised procurement and contracting.


Uniting healthcare, academic and life sciences organisations to collectively accelerate the discovery, development and delivery of precision medicine products and services.


More than a network

With the Precision Medicine Ecosystem you get more than a network of partners: you get access to a host of high-quality data assets, reliable services and world-class NHS, academic and industry organisations with a shared vision to promote Scotland as an initiator of activity for precision medicine research and its delivery into operational practice.


Reduced complexity and cost in the set up and delivery of collaborative multi-site precision medicine projects


Enhanced data management services for geographically dispersed and heterogeneous datasets


Production ready informatics platform tailored for complex genomic research programmes and operational delivery


Rapid access to trial-ready populations to simplify recruitment


Easy recruitment of participants using deep phenotype, genotype and diagnosis for studies of all types with future unspecified analyses


Data management within a strong information governance framework


Development lifecycle that supports emerging regulatory approval and deployment guidelines


Supporting real-world evidence linkage to healthcare providers