The Ontology Service

Improve clinical knowledge management across dispersed teams and multi-centre studies.

About the Ontology Service

The Ontology Service provides project teams and collaborations with a web-based search engine covering a range of controlled vocabularies and ontologies, enabling simple, efficient searching across all sources and terminologies, or filtering for a single ontology.


Precision Medicine Scotland also provides an API that can be used directly during extract, transform, load (ETL) workflows and application look-ups.

Many of the ontologies are updated weekly, while older versions as also supported.

The service supports cross-referencing and cross-walking, enabling users to navigate hierarchies within multiple terminologies, and cross-walk mappings between ontologies to reconcile and harmonise data from many sources, while retaining the meaning of the original mapping.

Users can build custom lists and export these as Excel spreadsheets for use with other applications.


  • Web-based and API access
  • Rapid search across all sources
  • Regularly updated, online reference site
  • Support for SNOMED-CT, HPO, ICD etc.
  • Usable within ETL flows, application drop-downs, R and SQL


  • Reduces the time and cost required to maintain standard vocabularies
  • Improves interoperability, standardisation and sharing
  • Ensures traceability in data transformation
  • Supports cross-reference and cross-walking
  • Enables custom lists to be created from multiple searches
  • Delivers direct export to Excel

This service is available as an extension to your existing Collaborative Workspace. Get in touch to discuss your project requirements and request a demo.

Key Features

  • Web-based and API level access
  • Regularly updated reference website provides lookups to controlled vocabularies
  • Support for multiple vocabularies and ontologies
  • Encoding agnostic – support for SNOMED-CT, HPO, ICD etc.
  • Use within ETL flows, application drop downs, python, R, SQL
  • Fast search across all terminologies and ontology sources
  • Filter for a single ontology (including specific legacy versions)

Upgrade/Extensions Available

  • Standalone service or available as part of the Healthcare Landing Zone

Subscription Basis

  • Monthly packages

Get in touch to discuss your requirements and get an accurate cost for your project.