Next Generation Sequencing Solutions

PMS-IC offers NGS Sequencing Solutions as part of its core SMS Innovation Platform service offering.

About Next Generation Sequencing Solutions

For projects requiring NGS, we provide access to an experienced scientific team who will work with you from early study design through to delivery of bioinformatics data (with your chosen provider) to ensure end-to-end delivery for your project.


PMS-IC via our collaboration with Thermo Fisher Scientific have in-house, the NGS Ion Torrent Platform and via the wider Scottish-PME access to Illumina sequencing platforms.

The Team at PMS-IC have wide experience in:

  • Study Design
  • Project Management
  • Piloting, Library preparation, Library QC and Bioinformatics: All offered at an early stage in your project cycle to ensure optimal study design
  • Sample types: FFPE, whole-blood and fresh tissue analysis
  • Sequencing Workflows: Developing custom gene panels; designed using AmpliSeq Technology, commercially available gene panels (for example the HCCRP 658 gene panel), Exome Sequencing, Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS), RNA Whole Transcriptome and RNA AmpliSeq.

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Key Features

  • Per test, transaction-based commercial model

Subscription Basis

  • Description required

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