Dataset Library Service

Maintain a single source of truth for clinical dataset definitions across an entire project or programme lifecycle.

About Dataset Library Services

Precision Medicine Scotland's Dataset Library Service has been designed to function as a collaborative knowledge common for projects or programmes, enabling easier collaboration and data sharing across dispersed teams and/or multi-centre studies.


This propriety service delivers access to a secure, fully searchable website that provides field-level information on the specification of data elements based on project-specific datasets or standards (both national/international, e.g. notifiable diseases) and includes full version tracking of datasets.

The library comes pre-loaded with exemplar datasets across a number of domains and users can host their own project-specific datasets. In addition, a programming interface (API) is provided for programmatic use.

An Excel template enables the recording of dataset definitions, look up lists and external references. It can also be used to capture information governance requirements, such as flagging personal health information (PHI) fields and generating De-Identification Service configuration files.

For technical users, a set of utilities is provided that helps to save time to prototype or implement a data integration or storage strategy by turning the Excel template into useful snippets of SQL for table definitions, views and queries.


  • Web-based service
  • Pre-populated
  • Field level information
  • Data flows and data exchange with NHS Scotland
  • Turn datasets definitions into snippets of SQL, XML schema files etc.
  • API provided for programmatic use


  • Single source of truth
  • Supports good practice and re-use
  • Accommodates project-specific datasets
  • Captures information governance requirements
  • Ensures standards are adhered
  • Prevents/reduces errors in transmitting data between organisations

The Dataset Library Service is available as an extension to your existing Collaborative Workspace. Get in touch to discuss how it can be used to support your study.

Key Features

  • Web-based secure service
  • Field level information on national and international standards data elements
  • Pre-populated with exemplar datasets across multiple domains e
  • Project-specific datasets can be uploaded, maintained and version tracked
  • Template-driven with version tracking
  • Turn dataset definitions into snippets (SQL, XML schemas etc.)
  • RESTful API provided for programmatic use

Upgrade/Extensions Available

  • Standalone service or available as part of the Healthcare Landing Zone

Subscription Basis

  • Monthly packages

Get in touch to discuss your requirements and get an accurate cost for your project.