Data Management and Hosting

Our Dedicated Server solution enables the managed hosting of physical and virtual servers, dedicated to your business for ultimate separation and security.

About Data Management and Hosting

The hosting platform at PMS-IC is available with either Internet Facing Hosting which is the traditional form of web hosting and is provisioned from PMS-IC Datacentre 1 in Glasgow or it can be hosted via the SWAN network to allow communication exchange across the Scottish Public Sector from PMS-IC Datacentre 3 in Edinburgh.

Through our comprehensive SLAs and management and monitoring services, we deliver the services that many organisations require today when building their enterprise IT infrastructures. We have the skills and experience in hosting PMS-ICs own systems and are able to provide Scottish customers access to: colocation, dedicated hosting as cloud services.

The diagram demonstrates that the virtual machines hosted benefit from High Availability and a secure session broker which ensures that traffic is assessed and only authorised traffic is allowed through to access the services hosted in each model.


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