Collaborative workspaces

Early identification of patient variability and pharmacogenomics. A new approach to the development of precision medicines.

About collaborative workspaces

Precision Medicine Scotland's Collaborative Workspaces deliver a world-class co-operative informatics environment, enabling easy collaboration and data sharing across dispersed teams and/or multi-centre studies.


Secure and scalable, these workspaces combine the latest open-source and proprietary technologies in line with the exacting requirements of genomic medicine and healthcare. Workspaces deliver rapid and efficient integration of clinical, image and genomic data and come with built-in functionality and tools to enable innovation, advanced bioinformatics, genomics and analytics, including:

  • The latest open source analytical and visualisation tools

  • Plug-in algorithms and integrated analytic tools for NGS data analysis

  • Secure, auditable access to closed datasets

  • Data flows and data exchange with NHS Scotland

  • Variety of data ingest options including Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) applications

  • Electronic Data Capture (eDC) and eCFR as a service

These features will soon be augmented with application hosting and specialist workflows for precision medicine research, development and delivery, and multi-centre studies.

Flexible workspaces for maximum efficiency

Workspaces can also be easily extended and configured from our catalogue of Innovation Services to support your specific workflow requirements and budget. Select from:

Available on a monthly subscription basis these cloud-hosted Collaborative Workspaces provide an unparalleled collaborative project environment for genomic medicine, the growing needs of translational studies, and provide a rich informatics environment for healthcare innovation, research and development teams.

Key Features

  • Per project

  • Secure File Transfer Process to upload data

  • Scalable storage

  • Parallel database (Isilon)

  • Web console (including R and SQL interface)

  • Virtual Desktop Service (Linux or Windows, bring your own tools)

  • Audit reporting & activity tracking

  • Role-based access control

  • Multi-tenanted

Upgrade/Extensions Available

  • Compute and storage service options

  • Virtual Desktop Service options

  • De-identification Service

  • Dataset Library Service

  • Ontology Service

  • Healthcare Landing Zone

  • Electronic Data Capture (eDC) Service

Subscription Basis

  • Monthly packages


Get in touch to discuss your requirements and get an accurate cost for your project.